Instruments Time Title Last Pivot Status Changes
Crude Oil (WTI)27/11/2015 21:21Crude Oil (WTI) (F6) Intraday: key resistance at
NZD/USD27/11/2015 20:57NZD/USD Intraday: the downside prevails.0.65340.6575Up0.0041
GBP/JPY27/11/2015 20:55GBP/JPY Intraday: caution.184.753184.95Up0.1970
EUR/GBP27/11/2015 20:53EUR/GBP Intraday: key resistance at 0.7055.0.70450.7055Up0.0010
USD/CHF27/11/2015 20:51USD/CHF Intraday: the bias remains bullish.1.02981.022Down-0.0078
EUR/USD27/11/2015 20:43EUR/USD Intraday: caution.1.05961.064Up0.0044
USD/CAD27/11/2015 20:42USD/CAD Intraday: the upside prevails.1.33671.332Down-0.0047
AUD/USD27/11/2015 20:41AUD/USD Intraday: the downside prevails.0.71930.722Up0.0027
EUR/JPY27/11/2015 20:40EUR/JPY Intraday: caution.130.165130.3Up0.1350
GBP/USD27/11/2015 20:39GBP/USD Intraday: under pressure.1.50381.5105Up0.0067
USD/JPY27/11/2015 20:38USD/JPY Intraday: towards
EUR/CHF27/11/2015 16:17EUR/CHF Intraday: the bias remains bullish.1.09041.0845Down-0.0059
Gold spot27/11/2015 15:10Gold spot Intraday: under pressure.10531064Up11.0000
Silver spot27/11/2015 11:40Silver spot Intraday: turning down.14.0614.24Up0.1800
Crude Oil (NYMEX)17/03/2015 07:15Crude Oil (NYMEX) (J5) Intraday: the downside prevails.43.7645.5Up1.7400
Silver19/12/2013 13:22SILVER Spot intraday: key ST resistance at 19.919.319.9Up0.6000
Gold (spot)19/12/2013 13:20GOLD spot intraday: the downside prevails.1205.41245Up39.6000
Gold21/11/2013 07:49Gold Intraday: capped by a negative trend line.1247.51270Up22.5000
08/06/2010 71.5673.5Up1.9400

Technical Analysis in the Forex Market

The importance of technical analysis is world renowned and admitted by even the staunchest advocated of macro or fundamental analysis. The reason is simple: if enough people believe that a signal based on technical analysis is true and act upon it, at the bare minimum it's a self fulfilling prophecy. In a wider realization of the importance of technical analysis, you can learn that by using it, you can eliminate the biggest enemy to the forex trader: "the gut feeling". Macro and economic analysis involve heavy math, lots of tables and numbers and at the end of the day an educated guess in order to gauge market movements.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis tries to do away with the complexity by basing everything on price action, which already includes all the economic analysis within it. Without running into a book length discourse on technical analysis, start by reading some of the analyses provided in our technical analysis section found here in the FOREXYARD ANALZYZER. It does a good amount of the work for you in analyzing the market technically. By providing a clear explanation as well as a picture of the graph in question, you receive all the detail you need in order to continue on into your trade.

We suggest using our technical analysis tools and charts along with the live trading system to optimize your trading experience. We thoroughly suggest you to read as much as you can about the subject of technical analysis, specifically in the forex market in order to better equip you for the trading day. Expect real time analysis brought straight to the system all throughout the day.

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