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What’s the Minimum Amount I can Start Trading with in Forex?

August 1st, 2008 Posted in FX Education Bookmark and Share

ForexYard enables you to trade with amounts as small as $100! Starting to trade with such small amounts is the best way to get acquainted with the Forex marketplace. After familiarizing yourself with the ForexYard system and establishing a trading strategy, you may increase the level and scope of your activity, as you see fit.

There is NO MAXIMUM trade volume on the ForexYard Super-Mini Account. Although the standard trade size is 1,000 units, you are not limited to trading just one lot! For instance, you can trade 10,000 units, 50,000 units or 150,000 units. This means as you become more seasoned and build up confidence, you can slowly increase the size of your positions to maximize profits. In fact, the trade size of 10,000 units allows for more flexibility in terms of customizing the size of your trade enabling better risk management.

ForexYard recommends that all traders with account balances less than $1,000 trade using a Super-Mini Account. This gives you more staying power in the market and the ability to take advantage of multiple opportunities without over-leveraging your account. If you over-leverage your account, you will not give yourself enough room for error. Even if you are correct on the direction of the market, minor fluctuations can generate a margin call and liquidate a good position.

Of course, Forex traders are more than welcome to begin with a Standard Account.

The minimum funds required to deposit in order to open a Standard Account are $1,000, and will allow traders certain benefits like commodities trading.

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