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Forex Analysts

Since its formation, FOREXYARD has utilized the experience of professional forex traders, as well as internet and financial sector specialists in order to successfully establish itself as one of the premier online brokerages operating in today’s market.

The analysts at ForexYard come from varying backgrounds and experiences, adding to their capabilities and diversifying their opinions on the currency and commodities markets. Our team takes pride in identifying marketable opportunities and providing the insight and expertise our clients deserve from a premier online broker.

FOREXYARD recognizes the inherent value of up-to-date and relevant information; therefore, we employ experienced analysts to provide you with accurate research updated on a daily basis. Our reports are featured on a number of influential websites and forums. Read more about our analysts and contact us for questions.

Greg Holden is the Chief Market Analyst at ForexYard. He offers insights into the forex market with his detailed knowledge of fundamental and technical analysis. In addition to world currencies, he specializes in the movement of the Crude Oil market as well as the history of the oil industry in the Middle East… Read More about Greg Holden
Russell Glaser is a G10 FX Strategist with Forexyard. Russell provides analysis in the FX spot market by employing macroeconomic factors, geopolitical events, and technical forecasts. … Read More about Russell Glaser
Yan Petters is a top analyst of market trends and specializes in the foreign exchange market. Yan has a reputation for composing highly accurate analysis reports, both technical and fundamental… Read More articles from Yan Petters
Anton Eljwizat is a Currency Analyst with ForexYard. His experience in writing technical analyses for trading companies such as ForexYard has helped Anton stand out among other analysts….. Read More articles from Anton Eljwizat
Natalie R. is a Market Strategist with ForexYard. Her combination of political and economic analysis gives her writings a unique perspective for forex traders….. Read More articles from Natalie R.
Dan Eduard is a Market Strategist with ForexYard. His ability to compare and contrast trans-national issues with events in the market is uncanny and many clients so far have used his advice to make… Read more articles from Dan Eduard