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Friday, 23 Jul 2010

Euro-Zone Bank Stress Test Results Expected Today

The Euro managed to erase most of its weekly losses against the Dollar yesterday, as investors expect bank test results to show that the Euro-Zone's condition is stabile. The market waits to hear that the Euro-Zone's debt crisis is not a threat to the region's stability. Will the Euro strengthen following the test results?

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Economic News

USD - Bernanke's Testimony to Weaken the Dollar

The Dollar slid against most of the major currencies during yesterday's trading. The Dollar lost about 180 pips against the Euro today as the EUR/USD reached above the 1.2900 level once again. The Dollar also saw a 150 pips drop against the Pound.

The Dollar's bearish trend came as a result of Fed's Chairman Bernanke's testimony before the House Financial Services Committee. Bernanke stated that there is an unusually uncertain outlook for growth, yet he added that the Fed's near zero interest rates are already very simulative. He also added that if the recovery seems to be faltering, the Fed will consider different alternatives, such as lowering borrowing costs. It seems that investors expected the Fed Chairman to have a more proactive approach, as several economic data that were published during the last month have shown that the U.S. economic recovery isn't progressing as well as expected.

In addition, while Bernanke has delivered his speech, the Department of Labor has released the weekly Unemployment Claims data. The report showed that jobless claims in the U.S. have increased by 37,000 to 464,000, beating expectations for merely 449,000 claims. The combination of Bernanke's speech along with the poor employment data has weakened the Dollar against most of its major counterparts.

As for today, traders are advised to follow U.S. equity markets as they have a large correlation with Dollar's trading. Traders should also follow the European Bank Stress Test Results, which will be released tomorrow. The results might have a significant impact on thee major currencies, and traders should be prepared.

EUR - The Euro Soars Following Positive Economic Data from the Euro-Zone

The Euro strengthened against all the major currencies during yesterday's trading session. The Euro gained about 180 pips against the Dollar, about 100 pips vs. the Pound, and about 250 pips against the Yen.

The Euro's strengthened against its major rivals as several positive economic reports were published. The German Flash Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index rose to 61.2 in July, from 58.4 on June. It is a survey of about 600 purchasing managers, who are asked to rate their level of business conditions. In addition, the European Industrial New Orders rose by 3.8% during May, beating expectations for a 0.1% drop. The report also showed that compared to the same month last year, industrial sales rose by 22.7%. The Euro-Zone's economic condition is considered to be somewhat fragile due to the high debts of several European nations. As a result, the batch of positive data has a significant affect on the Euro. Investors are looking for reasons to believe that the Euro-Zone is recovering and such positive reports are all they can ask for.

Looking ahead to today, many interesting publications are expected from the Euro-Zone. First of all will be the German Business Climate report. This is a survey of about 7,000 businesses, who are asked to rate their current business conditions and expectations for the next 6 months. The survey is expected to remain at its high level above 101. In addition, the Euro-Zone's Bank Stress Test Results are due today. The results are expected to reveal the European banks' stability, and whether the capital reserves are sufficient. Positive report will further support the Euro, however if the results won't be as satisfying as expected, the Euro might erase yesterday's profits.

JPY - Yen Drops On All Fronts

The Yen fell against mot of its major rivals during yesterday's trading session. The Yen dropped about 100 pips against the Dollar, and about 250 pips against the Euro. The Yen also slid 200 pips against the British Pound.

The Yen tumbled yesterday on speculations that the Japanese leadership is looking to weaken the national currency in order to stimulus economic growth. The Japanese press is reporting that the government will pressure the Bank of Japan to take more steps to support the economy. The Japanese economy relies greatly on its exporting, and a weaker Yen will support Japanese exporters. In addition, the current instability in Japanese politics is damaging the Yen's safe-haven image, and as a result the currency seems less appealing in times of uncertainty.

As for today, traders are advised to follow the major publications from the U.S. and the Euro-Zone, as they tend to have a large impact on the Yen. Special attention should be given to the Euro-Zone's Bank Stress Test Results, which appears to be the news even which will have the largest affect ion the market today.

Crude Oil - Crude Oil Reached Above $79 a Barrel

Crude oil rose over $79 a barrel for the first time in nearly 11 weeks. Crude oil began yesterday's trading session around $76.40 a barrel, and gained about 300 pips in a single day, to peak at the $79.40 price.

Crude oil rallied yesterday following notifications that EBay Inc. and Caterpillar Inc. saw higher earnings than expected during the last quarter. In addition, several positive economic reports were published from the Euro-Zone yesterday, suggesting that energy demand in Europe will recover soon. Another support for crude oil prices was the Dollar's bearish trend against most of the major currencies. Crude oil is traded in Dollars, and thus when the greenback weakens, oil prices tend to rise as a result.

As for today, traders are advised to follow equity markets in the U.S. as they tend to be highly correlated with crude oil trading. In addition, traders should take notice of the Euro-Zone's Bank Stress Test Results. The results are expected to reveal the region's banks stability in light of the high debts of several European nations. This report might impact global trading, and traders should be prepared.

Technical News


The pair has recorded much bullish behavior yesterday. However, the technical data indicates that this trend may reverse anytime soon. For example, the 4-hour chart's Stochastic Slow signals that a bearish reversal is imminent. . Going short with tight stops might be a wise choice.


The daily chart is showing mixed signals with its RSI fluctuating at the neutral territory. However, there is a bearish cross forming on the 4-hour chart's Slow Stochastic indicating a bearish correction might take place in the nearest future. When the downward breach occurs, going short with tight stops appears to be preferable strategy.


The pair has been range-trading for a while now, with no specific direction. The Daily chart's Slow Stochastic providing us with mixed signals. All oscillators on the 4 hour chart do not provide a clear direction as well. Waiting for a clearer sign on the hourlies might be a good strategy today.


The cross has been dropping for the past several days now, as it now stands at the 1.0430 level. However, the 4-hour Chart's RSI is already floating in the oversold territory indicating that a bullish correction might take place in the nearest future. Going long with tight stops may turn out to be the right choice today.

The Wild Card

Crude Oil

Crude Oil prices rose significantly yesterday and peaked at $79.20 per barrel. However, there is a bearish cross on the 4-hour chart's Slow Stochastic suggesting that a recent upwards trend is loosing steam and a bearish correction is impending. This might be a good opportunity for forex traders to enter the trend at a very early stage.

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